About Us

How are you “using” cannabis?

One might puzzle over what we mean by “using” cannabis. Merriam & Webster define the word “use” as the act or practice of employing or applying something, as a means of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result. A higher purpose, and greater results. That is far from the picture that is painted when most people think about the use of marijuana. The demonizing stigma that has been placed on cannabis and its “users” has resulted in a divide between partakers and naysayers.

Higher Heights Apparel is a product of “using” cannabis. Our brand was birthed when a transformation process took place. Regular working class people became Entrepreneurs! This happened when we began “using” cannabis, and no longer allowing it to use us. Having our “Ah ha!” moments and realizing, we too, were living up to the stigma that has been placed on cannabis. Once our approach to consuming cannabis changed, partnered with mindfulness and mental maturity, control was recaptured. Fully understanding now, that “it just HELPS.” We tapped into, not only how great self medicating makes us feel, but, the creativity, serenity, vision, fearlessness, strength, healing, etc. that cannabis has to offer. At that point, we began to put our dreams, goals, and aspirations into action! “Using” cannabis to see deep into the future, a future that reeks of success.

Who does Higher Heights Apparel represent?

Our brand represents those who decide to “use” cannabis, for their higher purpose and greater results! The goal oriented Entrepreneurs, ready to strive and thrive in their greatness. Higher Heights represents the individuals that rise, shine, and grind daily, but like to consume cannabis as well. Individuals who happen to “use” cannabis, but remain in control. Those who are like we were, misunderstood and feeling pressured to answer for their desire to elevate. Our brand represents everyone who is constantly worried about adhering to the stereotype associated with cannabis. Higher Heights represents YOU!

“Use” it, don't let it to use you!